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No more sweating!

SIMETRA® relies on Outlast® technology for the shooting sportswear.


Outlast® technology gives textile materials the intelligent additional benefit of proactive temperature regulation. Outlast® is dedicated to temperature and moisture management and offers a technology that provides comfortable solutions for sports.

How Outlast® works
Outlast® technology uses micro-encapsulated phase change materials (PCM) that can absorb, store and release heat for optimal moisture and temperature management. The capacity to absorb, store and release heat allows any product containing Outlast® ThermoculesTM to continuously regulate skin temperature. If the skin overheats, the heat is absorbed; if the skin cools, the stored heat is returned.

With the use of Outlast® technology in SIMETRA’s products, active climate regulation positively influences the skin climate and increases comfort.

The climate on the skin in comparison –
Shooting sportswear with and without Outlast® technology

Tested in space
Outlast® technology is the only phase change material (PCM) that has the Certified Space Technology™ seal of approval. The technology was originally developed for NASA and is continuously tested for efficiency and safety – in a wide variety of applications brought to market by renowned brands. Currently, Outlast holds over 96 patents around temperature regulating materials.